J. Paul Nadeau is an expert in negotiations. He shares his insights from many different periods of his life including that of hostage negotiator, peacekeeper in Iraq, and best-selling author with his book: Take Control Of Your Life: Rescue Yourself & Live The Life You Deserve.

At 25,000 words a minute, Howard Berg, is the fastest reader on planet earth (google it).


But his mission isn’t how fast he can read (though he has featured this stunning ability many times… YouTube it)


Instead Howard is focused on uplifting others. Through his site www.berglearning.com YOU can better learn how to… learn.


He’ll show you how to dramatically increase your reading speed, comprehension and retention.


He touches on this in our talk today. He also shows me a mind-blowing technique to memorize number sequences which I will legitimately be using for the rest of my life. No word of a lie. Check out the full episode for more

Jamey Horth is a top ranked mixed martial artist from Canada. An undefeated fighter (4 - 0) Jamey's next match is for the flyweight championship vs. Mayra Cantuaria of Brazil. You can watch it Friday Dec 10th on UFC Fight Pass 9PM ET / 6PM PT

Owen Stahn is a talented singer-songwriter and member of the band The Slivers. He stops by the studio today to share unreleased music and talk about his song-writing process.

Kevin Frankish is a Canadian media personality who hosted Breakfast Television from 1991 - 2018. He's now launched a podcast called The Happy Molecule which focuses on all aspects of mental wellness. We cover his media career, podcast life and our own mental health journeys. 

Sue Ennis is the head of investor relations for Hut 8, one of the longest running crypto mining companies in North America. We discuss the humanitarian side of Bitcoin, the recent rise of Dogecoin, talk Elon Musk and analyze his tweets on crypto mining and sustainability.

Financial advisor Tim Ziegler stops by to talk saving, budgeting, Bitcoin, the GameStop controversy, good sources for building your financial literacy and much more! For more on Tim check out www.timothyziegler.com

Dr. Wilkinson has a PHD in psychology with a specialization in cognitive aging. Her company Brain Shape helps her clients preserve and enhance their cognitive function well in to old age.

She also has her own podcast @brainshapeto talking with other leading experts in the field of brain science. We cover the power of habit, presence of mind, flow state, brain nutrition and much more!

At age 26 Daniel Jones was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome which led him to start his YouTube channel The Aspie World. His fun and informative videos offer the ASD community tips & hacks for daily life.

Now millions of views and nearly 150K subscribers later Dan continues to entertain and educate people all over the world. T

his was a great chat, we discuss a variety of topics including his early beginnings, the growth of his channel, consulting for Netflix, dating on the spectrum, Elon Musk, minimalism and much more.

The award-winning actor shares her acting philosophy, the passion needed to make it in the industry, changing her look and what she has in common with the character of Irene. She also gives some solid tips on performing monologues.

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